When it comes to your office layout, there are typically two options – cubicles or open plan. Modern businesses often opt for the latter, because it seems more social, collaborative and attractive to employees. As a result, we’re starting to see less and less offices using office cubicles.

Does that mean the days are numbered for the office cubicle layout? Not necessarily. Read on as we look at the benefits of office cubicles for your workspace.

1.  Privacy

The most obvious advantage of a cubicle is privacy. Workers have their own space, with partitions eliminating constant distractions from the rest of the office. Without this, employees have been found to suffer from emotional exhaustion. Why? As well as the noise and interruptions, some staff feel like they’re constantly being watched or observed.

2.  Space

Trying to give staff their own space in an open plan layout is notoriously difficult. You would need to have desks positioned away from each other, which takes up a lot of room in your office. Cubicles are a more ergonomic solution, providing privacy even when desks are adjacent. You can fit more people in your office without compromising on privacy and productivity.

3.  Personalisation

A cubicle also provides walls around each desk for photos, notes or other mementos. This allows employees to personalise their space, making them feel more ‘at home’ at their desk. A US survey of over 1,000 workers found that most workers who personalise their desk reported an improved attitude at work.

60% of those said they enjoyed having their creature comforts around them, with 39% saying it was because they wanted other people to see their individuality.

4.  Communication

While some people see cubicles as an obstacle to communication, they can actually have a positive effect. Cubicles cut out conversations across the office but improve the quality of one-to-one communication. Managers can visit the desk of a specific member of staff for a quick chat without having to fend off interruptions from around the office.

Remember, you can always have separate areas for group work, if necessary.

Consider how you work

The choice between cubicles and an open plan layout comes down to suitability. Neither is a one-size-fits-all solution. If you work in a creative industry, requiring constant collaboration, a cubicle layout won’t be the best fit.

However, your company shouldn’t feel obliged to ditch cubicles just because other businesses have done so. If your employees spend a lot of time on the phone to clients, for instance, a cubicle provides much needed privacy away from the noisy office environment.

Choose what’s best for you

With Anvic, you don’t have to compromise on your office layout. We have a vast selection of office spaces across Manchester and Burnley, suitable for open plan, cubicles or a mixture of the two.

Got any specific requirements? Just let us know. We’re always on hand to assist with your search for the perfect office space. Contact the Anvic team today to get the ball rolling.