Looking for a new office, but not sure which layout will work best? Whether you’re looking for somewhere modern, traditional, big or small, it’s important to get the right fit. And one of the key choices is between open plan and closed spaces.

Here are some helpful advantages and disadvantages of open plan vs closed space offices, to help you decide which is best for your employees…

The advantages of open plan

One of the main advantages of an open plan office is the collaboration aspect. An open layout can build better communication and teamwork. Employees are encouraged to interact with one another openly – creating a positive environment. It’s one of many ways to create a positive office culture.

Another big plus is that open spaces are usually a more cost friendly option for most businesses. Because they don’t have a set number of rooms or desks, they can provide a practical solution for businesses with a growing workforce.

The disadvantages of open plan

Although the friendly atmosphere can be great for morale, sometimes open plan spaces can be a distraction for employees. That’s a particular problem for job roles that need quiet concentration time, such as those involving data entry.

There is also more chance of conflicts in an open plan office. With little space to hide, employees will spend their full 8 hours in close proximity. Understandably, this can lead to tensions over the office environment – including temperature controls and radio choices.

The advantages of a closed-space office

On the other hand, closed-space offices set a precedent for office hierarchy and give a structured approach to working. They help lower the number of distractions at work, with less opportunities for employees to go off on tangents and get lost in conversation.

Another big advantage of closed spaces is privacy, which can encourage some members of staff to personalise their space with trinkets and personal photos. Private spaces give staff more freedom to express themselves, not to mention tailoring the office environment to their preferences – even if that does mean rock music at 9am.

The disadvantaged of closed spaces

However, a big disadvantage is that closed office spaces are often more expensive to run and maintain. As each employee will have their own designated working station, it also means there’s less scalability in the office.

Closed offices can make employees feel isolated too. With walls and cubicles, there are physical barriers preventing open communication.

In some cases, a closed space can even mean less supervision over your team – especially in comparison to an open plan design. So, it can be difficult to know how productive you employees are being.

Need some help?

When searching for an office, it’s important to choose the right fit for your business – whether that’s an open or closed space. And Anvic can help. We provide exceptional modern offices spaces across Burnley and Manchester. Our various sized serviced offices, meeting rooms and virtual offices allow you to improve productivity and impress employees and clients. Find out more today using our online contact form.