Starting a business is stressful enough without worrying about offices, meeting rooms and serviced amenities. But, is a physical office essential for you to get ahead?

Not only can an office help you grow your new venture, it can also maintain that professional edge. Still not sure? Keep reading to find out what factors you need to consider before jumping in, as well as the benefits of a physical space.

The deciding factors

As a small business owner, it’s important to take several factors into consideration before taking the next step. For example, is your team growing? Does your business need more privacy? And the main issue – can you afford it?

Whether it’s the price, size or location holding you back, don’t forget there’s always a suitable option. Virtual or physical, serviced or non-serviced, private or shared – whatever option you choose there are major benefits that can help take your small start-up to a thriving business.

So, why exactly is an office essential for start-up companies?

Make a professional impression

If you’re meeting clients, investors or potential new business associates a physical office can make a great first impression. Sure, coffee shops are great for small causal meetings, but for more formal occasions, an office gives you legitimacy and shows you mean business.

Wooing clients with professional office spaces and even dedicated meeting rooms can set you ahead of the curve.

Build a better team

With this in mind, a professional office also creates a suitable environment to build your business and employ new team members.

If you’re spending at least 8 hours a day in one place, you and your team want to know you’ll be comfortable and happy. With serviced office spaces you can take the hassle out of the equation and enjoy extra amenities such as catering and free Wi-Fi.

Flexibility for future growth

Co-working and shared offices are another great option for growing businesses. These collaborative spaces give you the flexibility to expand when you need to.

Shared spaces also give you the opportunity to network with new businesses and new people. Not only can you share physical space, but you can share ideas, news and collaborate on projects.

Keeping you motivated

Working from home often means you’re surrounded with distractions. However, with an office space you can truly get your start-up off the ground.

By investing in space, you’ll be investing in your business. This keeps you and your employees motivated and on track. Surrounded by a hard-working team, people will be more productive and creative.

It also gives the team more accountability as they will be expected to show up to the office every day, which means no slacking behind a computer screen at home.

Find the perfect space

Whatever your office requirements, Anvic can provide the service and facilities you need to help your start-up get ahead. We provide exceptional modern offices spaces across Burnley and Manchester – all with flexible terms and at prices that you can afford. Interested? Get in touch today using our online contact form.