Phone call rings, text message beeps and social media buzzes can all be distracting at the office. Not only for the receiver, but also for the rest of the team. Research even suggests mobiles are one of the biggest work distractions, with 24% of workers admitting they spend at least an hour per day answering personal calls, emails or texts.

In this post – the first in a 5-part series exploring the biggest productivity enemies at work – we’ll discuss the effect of notifications on your productivity levels. Best of all, we’ll also take a look at the best ways to overcome it.

Are people addicted to their phones?

So, why are notifications top of our list? Well, quite simply, because a whopping 83% of millennials open text messages within 90 seconds of receiving them.

People are increasingly becoming addicted to handheld technology. It might be down to something known as “nomophobia” – the irrational fear of being without your mobile phone. Throw in the fact that our mobiles provide much more than simple calls or texts, it’s no wonder we can’t put them down.

Why are notifications a problem?

Whether your employees are taking a quick phone call or sending sneaky text messages, it could be having a wider effect on productivity levels.

Even if your employees were to leave the message and reply later on, recent studies suggest that just the notification alone can prompt poor performance during tasks that require intense focus.

Why? In short, the mind wanders. Is it a family emergency? A delivery update from Amazon? Or just a reminder not to forget the milk on your way home? If their mind is elsewhere employees won’t be working to the best of their ability. But how do you tackle this?

How to keep productivity high

Maintaining high productivity levels is a top priority for offices. So, let’s take a look at some tops tips to ditch the itch when it comes to checking that new notification.

Silence notifications

A great way to stay motivated and remove distractions is put your device on silent or “Do Not Disturb”. This removes the noise and means that it won’t distract anyone else in the office.

Go cold turkey

Want to remove the temptation? Why not eliminate the problem completely and turn your phone off? Or better yet, leave your phone at home. Out of reach and out of mind. If that’s a step too far, try turning your phone off for small periods each day.

Schedule answering periods

Whether it’s waiting till lunch or your coffee break, schedule specific periods in the day when you’ll answer your notifications. This can help keep productivity levels high and let you stay in the flow of your work.

Out-of-office messages

If you’re worried that people will miss you when you’re away from your phone or emails, why not create an out-of-office message? This lets people know you’re busy and can expect a response later than usual.

Productive office space

Avoiding distractions and keeping your office productive can be difficult. But, it’s almost impossible when you’re in an unsuitable space. Not to worry. Anvic can provide the facilities you need to help, whatever your office requirements, with excellent modern offices spaces across Burnley and Manchester. Get in touch using our online contact form to find out more.