How We Made Sure Our Real Estate Event Catering Was a Hit

In December we hosted a conference in our Anvic central Manchester venue for a group of 17 real estate professionals, half of whom had flown over from Alicante in Spain. As part of our packages, we provide mouth-watering buffets that we custom create to suit our client’s taste and budget, with a wide choice of hot and cold drinks.

This was not the first time our attendees hailed from diverse countries, and as usual, we included international cuisine, in this event dishes typical of both Spain and the UK.

Our clients thoroughly enjoyed tasting the distinct flavours, which included a fish paella, Iberian ham, prawns cooked in garlic and chili peppers, to indulge the Spanish guests, and Scotch eggs, Lincoln sausages and thinly sliced roast beef to satisfy the pallets of our UK attendees. Ricardo Mendez, owner of a Costa Blanca agency, surprisingly enjoyed the UK fare over the Spanish and was particularly delighted with his first sampling of jellied eels. Meanwhile, his fellow countryman Eduardo Diaz, representing Valuvillas and, simply could not understand the appeal of warm sausage rolls served with a generous dollop of baked beans.

Our buffet included a mix of typical Spanish and UK fare

Whether in a casual setting like our Spanish real estate broker’s conference, or a more formal affair, catering is a top issue when planning an event, and falls under a key matter that planners need to address on how they can improve the overall conference experience.

When arranging conference, your goal should be that it is remembered as a fabulous event. Be sure you will be remembered for all the wrong reasons if there isn’t enough food, or if hot dishes are served cold, or if the serving staff are unfriendly. 

Your catering should blend in effortlessly with the event – the best part of an already excellent occasion. In the remainder of this article, we will help you through the steps we took to arrange the perfect food to complement our real estate agent’s event.

Where To Find An Event Caterer?

Ask around. Event planners are always keen to swap knowledge – if you do not know any professionals personally, join an online forum or read event community discussion boards to gather information. Speaking directly with experts on event catering is a fabulous way to find a top caterer.

Caterer Responsiveness

After initial contact, a good caterer should get back to you within 48 or 72 hours. If you don’t hear back in this time frame we wouldn’t recommend using them. Planning an event is stressful, and it should not be made more so by unresponsive suppliers. Look elsewhere for a caterer who replies promptly.

How Much Direction Does a Caterer Need?

Depending on the size, an event will take weeks or even months to plan, and everything needs to be arranged in advance to avoid problems. It is important to your event’s success that the suppliers acknowledge the hard work involved. A good catering firm will hear your brief, and be open to providing an apt pre-existing menu, or create a custom menu that includes what you require. It is vital that the company is willing to go the extra mile to provide an exceptional service, without you needing to direct every step – you simply won’t have time.

Do They Match Your Budget?

Make sure that the caterer’s final quote is within your budget. It is critical you know precisely what you’re getting for your fee and there is clarity in what you’re paying for. Make sure that you understand each other in this matter or it could be a costly mistake. You should also know there is often negotiating room with catering – you could save your clients (or yourself) a substantial sum, so don’t be hesitant to haggle!

Don’t Overlook The Details

As event venue providers and planners, we must study every small detail when designing an event, from branding to choosing the ideal venue. The catering should be given the same consideration, from the artistic presentation of the food to the server’s uniforms, the details are important. Be sure to be thorough when managing these points, so all the details are agreed upon prior to the day, and there are no unpleasant surprises!