How We Chose The Perfect Venue For a Health & Beauty Event

A group of London-based health and beauty related business owners approached us recently, as they wanted our help to find an appropriate venue for a conference meeting. They wanted a location that reflected their values and commitment to health and wellness. This challenge is the type we like, and we set about finding the perfect venue for their meet up.

We eventually settled on The Ned. This venue offers event spaces for very large conferences, and also a few smaller rooms, which are ideal for our group of eight attendees. It is one of several London event venues that is doing very well at creating a focus on tranquility and wellbeing. Their old-style event spaces are breathtakingly elegant, and enough to make anyone feel relaxed. But what drew our attention to this particular venue was the award-winning spa that is available to clients on event days. The spa offers a lunch break pamper session by the pool, including head to toe grooming.

Our group included a beauty salon owner, a cosmetic esthetician, a makeup specialist, and an RTT practitioner. During their working days, their jobs typically require they indulge their client’s needs rather than being on the receiving end, so this feature was particularly appreciated. 

Spa at The Ned
Spa at The Ned

We opted for The Ned’s Wren Room, named after Sir Christopher Wren, the revered designer of St Paul’s Cathedral and St Mildred’s Church, which formerly occupied The Ned’s site. The Wren Room showcases original chandeliers and old wooden panelling, along with an elaborate carpet inspired by large-leaf floral tapestries.

The Wren Room at The Ned

Your Event Location – How We Can Help

If you have an upcoming event, we can help you in various ways. We can provide you with serviced everyday office space, a meeting room or virtual office across five convenient locations in Burnley and Manchester. However, if you are hosting an event elsewhere, we can source you the perfect meeting room as we did for our group of wellness experts. If you are on a strict budget, read on, as in the remainder of this article we teach you the steps we followed to find the ideal venue for the health and beauty event.

1. Know what you need

Before starting your search, you want a few bits of information:

  • Where
  • How many attendees
  • The budget

As well as these rather obvious factors, it would help if you also had an idea of the atmosphere of the venue you prefer. Do you want a modern or a more traditional historical or even regal atmosphere?

Consider the goal of your event and what your brand represents when choosing a venue. An excellent match for your individual company will make a big difference.

2. Explore all options

Now you’ve settled on precisely what you’re looking for; it’s time to evaluate the possibilities. One way to do this is to search through The Venue Directory where you’ll find the top UK venues, of which one is sure to meet your exact requirements.

3. Ask around

Another way to find a great venue is to ask for recommendations. Maybe you have a colleague who has experience booking venues, or a friend who works in a hotel that offers function rooms? It does not have to be a person that knows local venues inside-out, almost everyone will have at least one idea or knowledge of a great place. 

4. Make a site visit

At this point, you can leave your computer and visit a few of the places on your shortlist. While pictures give you a vivid idea of the venue, to really understand the atmosphere of the space and envision your event, you’ve got to go there.

5. Notice the possibilities

If you came across a large event room with completely white decor, what do you see? You could see a plain white room, or you do you see a blank canvas waiting for decor?

When you visit your venues, you have to look for the potential and picture your incredible event.

A white box can be completely transformed!

Follow these simple steps, and you will discover the ideal venue. Or if you need help finding the perfect site for your event, contact us.