Cavity Wall Insulation – Your All-Weather Friend.

We have all seen the news articles around climate change and the commitments various governments are making. This is a huge problem that the world faces as a global concern, and it is rising in prominence more and more.

It can be surprising just how much of a difference individuals and households can make to cutting down on carbon emissions and the greenhouse effect. The amount of power used for heating and the carbon impact of the generation of that power are big contributors we must drive down.

So, a well-insulated home can not only keep us comfortable in winter, help financially by saving us money but also go towards helping heal the planet. As a nation we are getting there helped by drives such as the governments ECO Affordable Warmth obligation initiative. However as reported by the UK Government Asset Publishing Service we are not there yet since of the homes with lofts only 66% have adequate insulation and of homes with a cavity wall only 70%  have installed insulation in those cavities. There is still large room for us to improve and cut down our environmental footprint when it comes to home heating and thermal insulation.

It is in the cold winter months that most people’s thoughts will turn to better insulation if they do not have it already. Much of the advice and literature focuses on this aspect, keeping warm in an affordable fashion. This, however, misses out on one of the other benefits of good home insulation which, with a bit of reflection, should become apparent.

This is what Dave Goodie of told us in a recent interview: “Many people take their eye off the ball in the summer when it comes to insulation. They forget that it doesn’t just keep them warm in winter but cooler in the summer too. Also, its much easier to get an appointment for fitting in the summer months rather than try and squeeze in the autumn rush when everyone and his dog is calling us up for a booking.”

Well said Dave, we could not agree more. The whole point of insulation in, for example, your cavity wall, is that it provides a thermal barrier. Just as the heat in your room in winter is blocked from escaping by that barrier your house is also shielded from the external heat in summer.

We started this article talking about global warming and there was a good reason. One of the expected consequences is much more extreme weather with far hotter summers and more heat waves. It is at a time like this that it is so important to get yourself and your home ready for these extreme weather events. It is no good spending money on fans or even mobile air conditioners if your home has such poor insulation that they struggle to make a dent in the heat come July or August.

This is why we feel insulation should be remembered as your all-weather friend, and even if it is not cold as you read this it may still be a good time to think about making that investment. It will pay dividends going forward.