Did you have to hold your last business meeting in an overcrowded coffee shop, elbow to elbow with the person sitting next to you? Do you work from home and struggle to accommodate meetings with clients? If you’re conscious that your meeting rooms aren’t up to scratch, it might be time to re-evaluate your options.

Mediocre meeting rooms and locations project an unprofessional image and don’t inspire trust – two things that can break a small business. Next time you need to arrange a face-to-face meeting with a client, why not hire a professional meeting room? Unsure if it’s worth the investment? Below you’ll find five more ways a mediocre meeting room can hold your small business back.


If you’re meeting a client, you’ll want to be able to focus on what they are saying, right? Noisy meeting rooms full of distractions are a big no-no. If you work with a small team in an open-plan office, everyone will be distracted if you hold a meeting there. Similarly, a busy coffee shop is a minefield of distractions; milk steamers, banging doors, loud conversations – the list is endless. A professionally-designed meeting space will offer a quiet, calm (and distraction-free) setting for your meeting. Why would you want anything else?

Bad lighting

Harsh overhead strip lighting causes eye strain and headaches. Dim lighting tends to make people sleepy. So, what’s the solution? Ideally, the lighting in meeting rooms should be layered to minimise the potential for eye strain and ensure nobody has any problems reading or taking notes. A combination of wall lights, lamps and overhead lighting works best.

Poor transport links

If your current meeting room or place of business is in a hard to reach area with poor transport links, you may find that clients are reluctant to visit you for meetings. Why not hire a conference room in a city-centre location? You’re guaranteed excellent transport links which means your clients will be able to get to you quickly and easily.

Dated décor

Is your meeting room dull, bland and uninspiring? Dated décor could be to blame. Your meeting room should be warm and welcoming to put your clients at ease. Give your meeting room a lick of fresh paint, invest in some art for the walls and buy a few plants. Your clients will feel much more relaxed and your business will look more professional.

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