Whether it’s an all-day event or simply a business meeting to impress new clients, it’s important to put your best foot forward with a fully equipped conference room. Finding the perfect space may seem like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Read on as we look at 6 essentials for any conference room checklist…

1. Accommodating table and chairs

A pivotal factor in any conference room is having enough table and chairs to accommodate all attendees. You want people to feel comfortable and have plenty of space – not cramped into a corner or stood at the back.

Whether it’s several long tables or a smaller setup – choose the furniture which best suits your requirements. Be sure to check for plenty of plug points on the table. That way people can charge their devices easily.

2. Working Wi-Fi

Another essential in any conference room is reliable Wi-Fi. Ensure the router is either inside the room or close by to keep the connection strong. This will allows people to connect, send emails and make digital records of the conference.

Top tip – Post the network name and password in a visible place as soon as you enter the room. This will save time, meaning you don’t have to announce the information later on.

3. General support

Why not hire a conference room with secretarial and IT support? This eliminates any unwanted confusion and difficulties. You won’t have to worry about setting things up and the support is there to ensure the day runs smoothly. Not only that, it gives off a strong professional image.

4. Modern technology

An essential part of any good conference room is up-to-date technology. This includes an appropriate monitor or screen, used during visual presentations.

Although high-tech Apple TV or Airplay may seem like the perfect solution for some companies, it’s important to be aware that other guests need to be able to use the equipment too. That’s why it’s important to ensure the monitor has all the relevant connections, with HDMI, DVI and VGA adapters.

Similarly, audio capabilities are worth considering. Make sure the conference room has loud enough speakers with a speakerphone for group conference calls.

5. Heat controls

Too hot? Too cold? Or, just right? Be like Goldilocks and find the perfect temperature for your conference room. No one wants to deliver a conference with shivering guests in winter, just as much as people don’t want to be sat in sweltering conditions during summer.

It’s important to make sure your guests and employees feel comfortable. With central heating and air conditioning you can control the room temperature to create a comfortable environment.

6. Catering and hospitality

Create the best first impression with a clean and well-presented space. How? The best way to achieve this is with hospitality support. Certain provisions may also include refreshments throughout the day, which will impress clients or colleagues. It’s the ideal way to make long meetings or all-day conferences that bit more enjoyable.

Serviced conference rooms

If you’re looking for the perfect meeting or conference space, Anvic can help. Our specially designed, serviced conference rooms across Burnley and Manchester are welcoming and well maintained – equipped with everything you need. Even better, we have a friendly team waiting to match you with perfect space. Simply get in touch for more information.