Did you spend your Christmas and New Year break dreading the return to work in January? If so, you’re certainly not alone. According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, one in four UK employees are dissatisfied and looking to leave their jobs.

Unsure if now’s the time to move on and find a new company – or even start your own? Here are five tell-tale signs that 2017 is the year for you take control of your career and switch jobs.

1. You’ve lost sight of your career goals

There’s nothing wrong with being happy and content in your job. In fact, that’s everyone’s dream. Sometimes, though, contentment can prevent us from remembering the bigger picture – our career goals. If you have been in the same job for several years and you know in your heart it’s not your dream job, don’t let another two years pass you by without action. Get out there and start exploring how to make your career goals a reality.

2. You feel stuck

When you started your current job, you may have been attracted to the position because of the opportunities for career progression. Years later and still waiting for that ‘guaranteed’ promotion? If you are serious about your career goals, it might be time to switch jobs.

3. You no longer feel challenged

Routine can sap creativity and motivation, so if you feel as if you are going through the motions each day, do something about it. If your job isn’t providing you with the challenges and new skills you need to feel inspired and confident, talk to your manager. If your company is unable to offer you the type of career development and training you want, don’t be scared to find a company that can.

4. You complain about your job to friends and family frequently

Do you find every conversation you have with friends and family involves you complaining about work? If so, this is a major warning sign that it’s time to move on. If you only have negative thoughts and feeling about your job or place of work, you’re certainly not going to be in the best place to pursue your career goals. Remember: you owe it to yourself (and friends and family) to find a job that inspires you.

5. You dread Mondays

Many people experience job-related stress to some degree. However, if you start to dread Mondays (on Saturday night) and you feel your job is starting to affect your health, it’s time to take step back and consider your options.

Starting your own business?

If your dream has always been to run your own company, Anvic can help. As well as virtual offices, we also provide stylish office space and 5-star quality meeting rooms in central locations across Burnley and Manchester. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you make your business goals a reality in 2017.