Christmas is fast approaching, which means that ‘silly season’ fever is set to hit offices across the UK. Love them or hate them, Secret Santa presents are now inaugurated as a corporate tradition. Sure, they might be a little naff. But they’re a great way to bring a little Christmas cheer to the office.

The real question is, how are you supposed to stick to the average £10 budget without wrapping up something completely useless? To help you make your Secret Santa gift recipient the envy of the entire office, we’ve put together a guide to our favourite fun and affordable gifts that are guaranteed to get a smile.

Local gift voucher

Step away from the M&S gift voucher rack. When we say ‘voucher’ we don’t simply mean throwing a high street gift card into your shopping cart next time you’re at the checkout. Instead, give your gift a little thought and channel some cash back into the local economy. Is there an independent coffee shop down the road from your office that you can’t get enough of? What about a patisserie that whips up macaroons to die for? Or maybe there’s a bookstore you love to visit on your lunch breaks? Think local, get creative and prove that great things really do come in small packages.

Personalised Voodoo Doll

If you’ve read our latest article on the top office gripes, you’ll know you’re not alone when it comes to seething at noisy eaters, chronic complainers and incessant interrupters. Gift your Secret Santa with an outlet and wrap up a personalised voodoo doll like this one from Try to resist the urge to keep this one for yourself, as Christmas is a season of giving after all!

Cat themed gifts

Cat videos have gone viral. Cat cafes have become more popular than cappuccinos. Cat memes are breaking the internet on a daily basis. And as a result, the cat merchandise market is more novel than ever. Chances are your Secret Santa will be an adoring cat owner, which means gifts like cat bonnets, inflatable unicorn hornsand Christmas kitty suits are guaranteed to get “Awwwws.”

Office quirks

Bring a little fun to the office by opting for something that the whole team can enjoy. Turn the boardroom into a sports stadium with a mini table tennis set, or transform the corridors into your very own golf green with gifts like this beauty from Amazon.

Fun and flirty

Get cheeky with sassy gifts like this Christmas ‘Mr Claus Mankini’ from Ann Summers. Just be sure you exchange gifts when your office seniors aren’t looking! For the ladies, keep things luxe with beauty essentials that everyone will love, like this Prosecco Lip Balm.

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