Keeping your employees motivated 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, can be tough at the best of times. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of distractions and worries that make things even harder. But what are they and is it possible to avoid them?

In our five-part series we have discussed the biggest productivity enemies to hit offices up and down the country. Keep reading for a summary of the pitfalls and how to help your employees overcome them…

1. Notifications

In the first part of our five part series we discovered that notifications are crushing productivity levels at work, with mobiles being one of the biggest distractions. Research even showed that 24% of people admit to spending an hour a day answering personal calls, emails and texts.

Does this sound like a familiar problem? Don’t worry. There are a few ways to keep productivity high, including silencing notifications, going cold turkey and scheduling answering periods.

2. Burnout crisis

In our second instalment, we discussed the rise of burnout culture at work, with more and more employees complaining of stress, feeling disconnected and even physical illness. Burnout doesn’t just affect employee well-being and concentration, it also has a wider effect on business productivity levels.

Not sure if you employees are suffering from burnout? Find out more about the signs of employee burnout, the effects it can have on your organisation and what you can do to avoid it in your office.

3. Open office layout

The third part of the series was the turn of the open plan office – asking whether this layout really does facilitate community and collaboration as intended. According to research, this might not be the case. Open plan spaces may actually be reducing productivity by up to 66%.

Research suggests they decrease cohesion, higher levels of stress and lack of privacy and control. Despite the rise in the open office, more and more people are realising that removing physical barriers isn’t the best way to boost productivity.

4. Perfectionism

Our fourth and final productivity enemy is arguably the least expected. Perfectionism is surprisingly one of the biggest productivity killers and may just be costing your business more than you think.

Do some of your employees take longer than others to finish their work? Does everything they do have to be perfect before they submit? Although it’s great your employees are taking pride in their work, it may be causing more harm than good with perfectionism described as self-defeating behaviour.

Enjoy a productive office

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