1 In 3 Job Hunters Say Dirty Office Is A Deal-Breaker

Thinking of hiring a new team member? If you want to secure the best talent, it’s important to ensure your office space is up to scratch first.

More than half of all workers would turn down a job if they didn’t like the company’s office or working environment, research by furniture retailer Furniture123 has revealed.

The retailer surveyed more than 1,000 UK workers and quizzed them on what factors would influence their decision as to whether or not to take on a new job role. The results appear to show that the company’s office environment is key, with 53% of respondents saying they would turn down a role if they did not like the office environment.

Outdated décor: 41% of workers said that they would be put off by workplaces with outdated décor. Brown paint, peeling carpets and 80s paintings are out then…

No natural light: The average person spends well over 100 hours each month at work, so it’s no surprise that 38% of UK workers reported that lack of natural light would be a deal breaker.

Outdated furniture: It’s not just the décor that job hunters keep an eye on when they attend interviews, outdated furniture is also a big no-no for workers, with 32% of respondents saying that they would be put off by dated furniture.

Unhygienic workplace: Dirty carpets and toilets are a big turn off for UK workers, with 32% saying that they would walk away from a job offer if the workplace was unhygienic.

Mark Kelly from Furniture123.co.uk said: “The data shows that companies need to pay attention to much more than salaries and benefits, when trying to attract top talent. Employers looking to attract the most talented staff in their field should keep this in mind when inviting candidates to interview.

“It’s not so easy to change the location of the office, however they can ensure that there are onsite catering facilities and breakout areas for lunch, and even arrange car pools or an employee bus service that connects to local transport links. Also ensuring the space is always kept clean and tidy, furniture is in good condition and the décor feels fresh and modern is a great place to start.”

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