If you have decided as a New Year’s resolution that an office move is in order, chances are that you will be looking to get everything organised and underway before you get tucked right in to the New Year itself. Office moves are never easy – in fact for many people they can be a complete pain – but if you take the steps to put in the right preparation and ensure that you have everything in place before you start the move, chances are your eventual move will end up a great deal easier.

Planning is a key aspect of any office move and if you are planning on making a switch for the New Year then here are five key ingredients that you need to take on board in order to make your new office move successful:

1.       Plan ahead
Preparing for your move beforehand can really help to cut down the costs and taking just a couple of hours to work the logistics out can save you a great deal of time during the move as well as saving a host of downtime while the move is taking place. Make sure you know exactly how your move is going to work, who you need to help you and exactly when it’s going to happen. By planning in this way you can really help to take the right steps
2.       Prepare your infrastructure
Desks, chairs, tables, computers? If you are going to move your office then chances are you will need to plan for every part of it to be moved and this is not always easy. Make sure you take everything into consideration and have the infrastructure in place to meet your office. If you are going to have your staff in throughout the move then it’s crucial that you have a place to put them – the last thing you want is staff coming to work and having nowhere to sit!
3.       Prepare your staff
Let them know what’s going on, keep them informed throughout the move and make sure that they are fully apprised of what’s going on. Don’t keep them in the dark – they might be able to help with your move and you could find them to be an invaluable resource!
4.       Minimise downtime
Ensure that your process is planned to run as smoothly as possible, in turn this will help to minimise your downtime and ensure that your staff and your business is fully operational throughout this period.
5.       Get help
If you do need help with your move then don’t be afraid to ask. You may find that your staff are more than happy to help you out and as such you can find that a simple reward – such as a pizza or a few beers – can be a great way to save on having to hire external help.