You’ve nurtured the dream for years and now it looks as though your determination, planning and preparation have finally paid off – you’re on the verge of starting your own business. But what now? How can you make sure everything goes to plan?

For entrepreneurs, the early days of a new business are exciting and nerve-wracking in equal measure. There are bound to be dramatic highs and curve-ball lows, but with a little preparation and insight, you’ll come out of the first few months with a healthier, stronger business.

Here are seven things to remember in the early days of your business.

1. There WILL be knockbacks

Getting a business off the ground isn’t going to be plain sailing, and you may experience a fair (or unfair, depending on how you look at it!) number of knockbacks in the early days. This can be especially true if you are launching a product or service that’s new to the market and that people are unfamiliar with. However, forewarned is forearmed, so steel yourself for potential knockbacks and don’t let them knock you off your chosen path.

 2. Plenty of people want to help you succeed

When things aren’t going quite to plan it can start to feel as though the world is against you. However, there is a lot of support available out there for start-ups and budding entrepreneurs. Unsure what support is available for you? You can find government-backed support for business via Business Is Great.

3. An open mind is key

It’s important to be open to ideas and suggestions. Don’t assume you know it all and ignore the advice from those around you who may have been through a similar situation. MentorsMe is the UK’s first online gateway for businesses looking for mentoring support and advice.

4. You should promote your business

Unless you’re very lucky and the news of your new business spreads like wildfire through word of mouth, you’ll have to think of ways to promote your business. MarketingDonut is an excellent online resource for new businesses, and provides excellent advice on marketing strategy, online marketing, media advertising, customer care, market research, direct marketing, and more.

5. Building trust is essential

Trust is everything in business. Without it, your clients and customers may not keep coming back and building a loyal customer base will be an uphill struggle. If you want to build trust quickly, remember these pointers:

6. Honour your promises

Don’t make promises you know you cannot keep to secure a sale. Be honest and upfront about what you can do for your clients and don’t make false promises – ever.

7. Keep each customer’s needs in mind

If, for whatever reason, you know you cannot offer what your client wants, tell them. There’s little point selling a service to a client that you know will not meet their requirements. They will feel mislead and you will have a very unhappy client on your hands.

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